Friday, July 12, 2013

In the Middle of our A to Z Summer Fun

So we are deep in the middle of our A to Z Summer Fun List! This is our 4th year doing this in the summertime and we have a lot of fun with it!

I think P Day is one of my favorites every year. It's the one that's always the same: Pizza Picnic at the Park with Pop. We thought rain might spoil our day this week, but alas, it did not! Glad Mike works next door to Jordan Valley Park...just a pretty, replenishing park in the middle of the city! And the girls can play in the fountains too!

I did something new for O Day this year, and wasn't exactly sure what we'd do, but I kinda made it up as the day went along and it was really fun.  I called it Outer Space Day.  First, I found a new flower on my walk at the park in the morning, and guess what? It's called a Moon perfect for Outer Space Day! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Then we tried our hand at making moon sand and moon dough.  Neither of them really turned out...but the girls spent a good hour just making a mess and having a great time! They even threw in volcano making! 

I had planned to get a space movie from the library -- Apollo 13 or Space Camp, but I had forgot to do this ahead of time.  Netflix had a Magic Schoolbus Space cartoon and surprisingly the girls were all over it! (Don't tell, but they've been watching Magic Schoolbus episodes all week now!)

We ended the day by spreading a blanket in the yard and watching the stars come out.  I LOVE the APP Star Walk.  It shows you which stars and planets you are looking at in the sky! Very fun.

I'm also looking forward to our Q Day which is next!! :)

Here's this year's A to Z list.

Arts & Crafts – Village Pottery
Bikes! Blog Entries!
Cozumel Scrapbooking
Daisy’s Day (homemade dog treats, extra walk, fetch)
Eat Chinese Lunch with Dad
Friendship Day (make fondant to play with?)
Games! Play board games together.
Hugs & Hope Day (bring Happiness to others)
Ice Cream Day (make homemade)
Jumping Day (Jump into pool, long jump)
Kitchen Fun
Lickity Split Day (make banana splits)
Memory Lane Day with Mom (watch family movies, look thru scrapbooks)
OuterSpace - Stay up late to look at stars, watch outerspace movie
Pizza at the Park with Pop
Quiet Day (visit Japanese Stroll Gardens – write/draw/read)
Race Day (funny races)
Sewing Project Day (pillows? Cross stitch?)
Take Tacos to Dad
Up, Up and Away (watch Mary Poppins & make/fly own kites)
Vote Day – Take a family vote on what we get to go do today
Water Day
X Marks the Spot Treasure Hunt
Yikes Day! Only 1 Day left – Let’s make this day a surprise!
Zoo Day (with Casellas?!)

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