Sunday, July 22, 2012

This n That

First, I got my first rejection letter from a publisher this week.  It's okay though. Dr. Seuss was apparently rejected by 26 publishers or something like that, before his work got picked up.

Second, I can't believe school is just a few weeks away - we got school supplies and first day of school outfits this week. Geez. Ready or not, here we come Middle School!

Which brings me to the third thing, I do not want to spend the rest of my life being a substitute teacher, but, what oh what, am I suppose to do next? Go back to being a social worker -- so stressful (seriously, not worth 'death threats'!). Pursue a writing career -  feels like a needle in the haystack. Go back to Admin work - kinda enjoyed that, but pay is horrible.  What, oh what? Oh to go back 20 years ago when I graduated High School and my future 'mapped out' looked so clear -- be a teacher, raise a family.  When you are younger everything had a different perspective.

I LOVE the life I'm living...I just wish I could get this 'career' thing figured out! And then there is this to consider...


But before I have to figure out a career and head back to school - I have a friendship to enjoy for the next several days - and we still have a trip to NC to sneak in! A week long celebration of family and celebrating the life and legacy of Gram.  24 of us in one house (13 of which are under age 11) - and 4 others in the 'quieter house'.  Looking forward to the loud, laughter, craziness of family!

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