Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Fairy Tale Life

I woke up and read a friend's facebook post this morning (she'd posted it late last night), which said, "Happy birthday to my 39 year old hubby...amazing man!", and I was reminded that it was at his birthday party 21 years ago, I first laid eyes on Mike. Oh we were both too shy to actually even speak to each other that night, but I definitely remember giggling with my friends about this 'new cute guy'! He wouldn't ask me out on a date until two months later, the week before he was to leave for college, but well, here we are living some kind of fairy tale life all these years later...

I texted him and told him that if I knew then what I know now, then I would have kissed him right then and there! Ha, ha, I know...I couldn't even bring myself to say hi that night!

Our first year dating.

And here we are last week. 
And lastly, I must say, that I'm kinda sad that we've gone all the way through our Z to A summer already, and today is our last day, "A Day" - but I am happy because that mean's I get to eat Andy's Frozen Custard today! I'd say that's the perfect way to celebrate 21 years of living this fairy tale life with our two princesses!


Heidi @ The Good Stuff Guide said...

Cathy and Mike! Congrats on 21 years together. That is really something. I met my husband Scott 18 years ago at a church function and I'll also never forget that huge thud when I saw him for the first time. Love your happy tale!

Danavee said...

How cute are you two! I love that pic from a few years ago! ;) Especially the hair!