Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Reunion (Through My Eyes)

This is our Home Sweet Home for this week (Lake Gaston, NC). The place where we have gathered to celebrate the life of Gram and enjoy the gift of family. As Mike said, "I think I can force myself to enjoy this place for a week!" ha,ha! I'm waking up to day 3, but I wanted to pause and capture a few of the moments from the first couple of days.

DAY ONE: Evening arrival - hugs - excitement - running through enormous home - hide n go seek with cousins - laughing - smiling - catching up - unloading vehicles - sitting on porch watching storm blow in - lights flicker - power out - no phone signals - darkness - flashlight hide-n-go seek - shadow pictures on the wall - illumination once again   - cheering - jumping on my bed with niece - cousins showing each other favorite dsi games- happiness - everyone has arrived safely (I wonder how many thousands of miles were driven to get here?!)

DAY TWO: Sleeping in - kids laughing through the intercom system on every floor of the house - choosing Family Olympic Teams - finalizing upcoming Olympic events - niece opening slightly late birthday gift - giving said niece piggyback down to the dock - hanging out dockside - clam hunting -  pontoon arriving - surprise, renting a second pontoon too - happy husband getting to be 'captain' for the week - enjoying breeze through my hair and sun on my skin on the boat - Kids loading pontoon slightly past capacity (they're small, right?!) - tubing with cousins - learning family traditions (like sneaking zingers out of the freezer) - playing farkle - reconnecting - exhausted kids - exhausted parents - late yummy dinner off grill - watching Olympics - Playing Train Dominoes - cousins  bonding - exhausted kids crashing - watching Jordan Weiber lose Olympic spot :( - parents licking peanut butter pie filling off spoons - contentment

DAY THREE: Drifting up the stairs I already hear the sounds of feet running through the hall, kids excitedly playing, parents visiting, breakfast dishes clanging. Oh, sweet day ahead!

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