Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip Bucket List

Stuck on the bridge for 20 minutes today trying to get back to
Missouri, had this view of the Arch! Beautiful Clouds today!  I wonder
how many times I've crossed the Mighty Mississippi in the past 16 years?! 
When I had seen this idea to do a Road Trip Bucket List at The Happy Family Movement, I immediately set out to make my own list for our next road trip.  Well we just returned from the road trip to Michigan (1300 miles roundtrip) - and this may be one of the 'funnest' times we've ever had in the car, thanks to our Bucket List!  "The List" forced us to take frequent stops and encouraged us to enjoy the journey! I'm already working on a new list for our next trip, which will include some of the same and some different ones!

So, it's a toss up, which one of these things caused the most laughter...

  • Chinese Fire Drill
  • Bubble Gum blowing contest
  • All 4 of us going down a slide at the same time

And these were definitely the most yummy...

  • Buying Ice cream
  • Getting slushies

The hardest ones...

  • Saying the alphabet backwards
  • Thinking of A to Z memories from our trip

The ones we got the most exercise from...

  • Finding a geocache
  • Playing Tag at a rest area
And lastly some of the cutest pictures...

  • Stopping an advertised billboard (the world's largest rocking chair!)

  • Getting girls picture next to a statue (Jesse James)

  • Running through a field (which happened to be at the giant cross we always drive by)

Yes, there is definitely joy in the journey, if you take time to enjoy it! 

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