Thursday, July 5, 2012

Merry 4th of July!

We went ice skating on the 4th of July (a first!) This kinda made it feel a bit more like Christmas than the 4th of I joked with the girls we should call this our Merry 4th of July...and I kept saying it to Sarah 'cuz she kept giving me this 'look' every time I said it! ;) Well I forgot my camera and left my phone in the car during ice skating, so I have no pictures, but the news was there and they did get a good shot of Mike and the girls skating. The girls are wearing blue jeans and orange sweatshirts. (Yes, it was 100 degrees outside! Such a refreshing activity to do in the summer heat!) Here's the link to the news story.

Here we are celebrating America's Birthday at Hammon's Field. How fun it is to sit on the softest grass ever on the baseball field to watch the fireworks!

And this must be the week for the Baker Family to be in the news, because Sarah made the paper for swim team too.


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