Friday, May 11, 2012


To be honest, I've been in a 'funk' lately. I look around me and I know that I have a million or more things to be thankful for. I know I'm living this amazing life and have reason after reason to smile. And yet I feel depression seeping into my soul and I wonder why?  I really want to just 'snap out of it'. I wish I could. I'm trying.

So, I'm taking Mike's advice for me today...
Maybe do something you enjoy/love like writing? When I do something I enjoy it helps my mood. Maybe you should get that stuff ready to send to a publisher? WHATEVER you do, do not worry about the house or getting it cleaned up!!!
I know, he's pretty much...AMAZING. And so,  it's 12:05 and I still haven't got my shower because I have been getting things printed up to send my ideas off to publishers and editors. It's felt good. Mostly. It's kinda scary too...taking the risk...facing rejection. And yet, I know I have to try. Writing makes me feel alive. I love sharing my ideas and thoughts with others. So, we'll see.

A few other things that have made me smile lately. (If I focus on the positive, on the gifts God has given me in my life...then that leaves less room for whatever this 'funk' is, right?!)

  • Sarah laying in the hammock with me yesterday after school reading her book (Wayside School) and saying to me "Ahh, this is the life."  Yes, yes, it is. 
  • That I am healthy enough to run a 5K with Morgan tonight. And that her and I are both looking forward to it. 
  • Flowers my mom & dad sent us brightening up my kitchen
  • Daisies growing in unexpected places in my yard. 
  • Day after day of simply perfect weather! 
  • The baby birds in Sarah's window. Although, I fear some larger bird came and ate them...only 6 days old and they vanished! :( Mom & Dad Robin seemed to be 'upset' - checking nest. But I did enjoy the miracle of it upclose while I could. Here are a couple of pictures.
The girls named them Squirmy and Fernando.
Also, one lil bird hatched and disappeared, &
one lil birdie never hatched. :(
So cute sleeping together with mama standing guard.
I really was this close to her, with just the screen between us.

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