Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love, Two of the Sweetest Kids

While the past hour is still fresh in my mind, I'm pausing to 'capture' it.

First my day began with a phone call from my own mom! How sweet to hear her voice first thing in the morning! I love her! And hope she has a beautiful day! I wish 650 miles didn't separate us today (okay, I wish that everyday!)

Then sleepy girls emerged from their bedrooms - the first thing on their minds was finding me and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and placing in my hands homemade cards of love. Such sweetness. Sarah wanted to 'snuggle' and Morgan wanted Daddy to get up so he could get me my present!

And my present...a new lounge chair! My last one the squirrels chewed up the first year we moved  here. So, they bought me a 'squirrel proof one'! I set it up in my bedroom, so I could have 'breakfast in my lounge chair' in lieu of 'breakfast in bed'! :)

So my waitress (Sarah) shows up, with a towel over her arm, fairy-danced hair, and chocolate at the corners of her mouth.  "What would you like, mam?" "How about some chocolate chip pancakes and some orange juice?" "Ok, I will be right back with that."

When my tray arrives, it has a sweet napkin note, a daisy, and of course breakfast.  And I just had to smile at how they signed the napkin - "Love, Two of the Sweetest Kids" - Oh, I do have to agree with that!

Well the restaurant continues for awhile with them cooking Mike up some eggs and him giving the waitress a hard time about being out of orange juice. I ask what the name of this fine establishment is and they respond "The Two Daughters".  Apparently they are open 24/7. We will definitely have to come back! And our meal...was free!! Oh yay! 

And then the best part - my ears hear that they have hired a dishwasher (Morgan) - and as Mike reports back to me, "The kitchen looks awesome!" I am so spoiled. and loved. and blessed. We are heading out soon to hike my favorite trails at Roaring River State Park and enjoy a picnic lunch. I do believe this is a perfect mother's day!

Here are a couple pics of my 'sweetest kids'... 
This is Sarah laying in the hammock with me the other day
after school. It is so her right now - lost in the world of a good book
and constantly popping her expander out of her mouth!

Morgan & I about to begin our 5K Friday night!
We had a good time! 
Oh, and as I'm finishing this up, Morgan brings some of my 'stuff' to put away in my room - which means, she has not only cleaned up the kitchen, she is also picking up the house (and I think her sister is helping)!! So glad I get to be the mom of these two amazing girls!!

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Danavee said...

I have been meaning to tell you!!!!!! Sarah had a case of the sillies one morning last week. Morgan was in my room before school, and Sarah came down. Sarah was trying to hug and kiss Morgan! It was hilarious! It reminded me of my sis and I! So cute! Crossing my fingers for next year! ;)