Thursday, May 10, 2012


There has been so much I've wanted to blog about lately - and yet, I'm reminded that I can't capture every moment into a blog, even though sometimes I want to capture more than I do (oh these years are slipping by so quickly). I mean, I could easily do a blog post about - the sweet 'sister (apology) note' I found that Morgan wrote her sister, about experiencing the baby birds in Sarah's window up close (and her joy), about Morgan's 5th Grade Research project on Laura Ingalls Wilder, about my bittersweet feelings of Morgan's last few weeks in elementary school, about our fun AtoZ IceCream list we made for fun (but probably won't do)...  Yet, when you are busy living life sometimes you just have to experience it and move on.

I did want to put on a couple of pictures of things we made this past week, both inspired by pinterest (of course!). First, for Teacher Appreciation Week, we made all the Special Class Teachers (art, library, etc)  these cute pencils out of  a package of Rolos candy...

And for Morgan's six coaches for Girls on the Run (side note: our 5K is tomorrow - and she put a toothpick thru the bottom of her foot yesterday, ouch!) we made these cute gifts...

These water bottle holders took us less than an hour to assemble, and my favorite part...spending time in conversation with Morgan, talking about everyday stuff, while accomplishing this project together. It was her idea to add the cute ribbon...the 'pinterest' one did not have a ribbon. I thought it was an adorable addition!

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