Monday, May 21, 2012

Girls' New Blog: BSFEL

So I asked the girls if they wanted to start a 'sister blog' this summer.  I thought it would be a fun, modern, way to journal over the summer, as well as, work on some typing skills, spelling, grammar, proofreading, adding details, etc - I'm letting some errors go and coaching them through some others.

Well they liked the idea and decided to call it the Best Sisters For Eternal Life Blog - It's like the BFF thing, but instead of Best Friend Forever, they've always called themselves the BSFEL!

I kinda hope they keep up with this fun experiment - I think it would be fun to watch it 'change' over the years. But time will tell if this even lasts through the summer! If it does, I'll have to print it up into a book for them for them to remember the summer of 2012! :)

Feel free to follow along on our summer adventures, through their eyes, at BSFEL! Oh, and Morgan is Sunshine and Sarah is Sweetheart! :)

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