Friday, January 20, 2012

Puppy Love

I always wanted a floppy eared dog that loved to snuggle up with me. And guess what, that's just what I got! I LOVE this dog! (Whom the girls call Daisy Crazy Lazy Mazey Baker) It may have been a trying couple puppy years...and now, she is the sweetest dog!  She is still a terrible walker...following her nose everywhere (she is a beagle, so I can't blame her too much) and she loves our visitors so she will jump on you if you come to my door! She also likes to play Houdini and make stuff disappear off the table when we are not looking. So she's far from perfect, but she loves us so well, how can you not love her back? Here are a few recent pictures of the puppy that has taken up residence in my heart forever...
Cracks me up how she loves to burrow under the blankets whenever she can!
This is her favorite spot, curdled up on the blanket, on top of me, on the couch.  
She's breaking in my new hammock with me on a beautiful January day!

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