Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Misery *dislikes* Gratitude

I have been feeling miserable lately. I'll spare you all the details, besides, if I wrote out all the details, I'd probably just feel worse, so I won't.  Let's just say it's a combination of many things...and these stupid allergies are NOT helping at all!! My soul longs for Spring, I love to immerse myself in it, and now I feel trapped inside by these allergies!! Ugh!!

Last night I was feeling really down. Right now, I don't feel like looking on the bright side of things. at all. I really want to wallow in my misery. But honestly, where will that get me? Besides, I'm trying to live with more gratitude in my 'everydayness'...and perhaps that means finding gratitude especially on days I don't feel like it.  So this morning, in an attempt to gain a better perspective, here are 15 more things I'm adding to my 1000 gifts list, bringing my total to 489.

#1 -  Sadness. Without it, could we truly know happiness?
#2 -  Darkness, so we can experience light
#3 -  Coldness, so I can know warmth
#4 -  Tears, to release emotions instead of keeping them inside
#5 -  Unfulfilled dreams, so when they become reality, I’ll appreciate the gift/work of them all the more
#6 -  A new day, to begin with a new perspective
#7 -  My aging body that is reminding me to live a healthier lifestyle
#8 -  Allergies, so I can appreciate my good health the rest of the year
#9 -  A husband who would like to make things better for me, if he could
#10 -    Internal battles that make me wiser and stronger…eventually
#11 -   Backrubs generously given
#12 -   Bicycles
#13 -   Mike leaving work a few minutes early so we can enjoy a bike ride together before the girls get off the bus.
#14 -   Garage door openers
#15 -   Daughters who point out things I can appreciate (like garage door openers)

I'm trying here...can you tell?!? :)

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