Monday, April 11, 2011

1000 Gifts Continued

In January, I started a list called 1000 Gifts, you can read about it by clicking here. My goal is to list 1000 gifts by the end of the year. Again, the purpose is simply to pause and notice all the many things I have to be thankful for in life. I try to keep the file open on my computer, so I can just add to it as something comes to me. Below is my list from this past week. 

Also, the same author of this idea, has this one page sheet you can print which makes a weekly booklet where you can write down just 7 gifts a day. Click here to read about it and see how to fold it.  I printed up one for each of the girls, so they can cultivate a heart of gratitude in their lives as well. They seem excited about them.

#408 - Morning breeze thru my window
#409 - Screens to keep bugs out
#410 - Girls’ homemade documentary on how to make clay pots and stuff out of playdoh for barbies.
#411 - A day that begins with laughter
#412 - Bright green spots dotting bare branches
#413 - A friend’s offer to let the girls sleepover at her house when I’m completely drained
#414 - A husband who so willingly makes me lunch all the time when we are home.
#415 - A husband who does up the dishes before I get home
#416 - A friend who takes her time to proofread my writing
#417 - No commitments this weekend, so I can rest
#418 - Paint in a 1000 different colors. Deep purple, dark orange, lime green, bright turquoise are the chosen treehouse (inside) colors today.
#419 - Neighborhood friends for the girls to enjoy so often
#420 - Splotches of bright colors throughout the neighborhood
#421 - Listening to the girls read the Easter story to me
#422 - Medicine
#423 - Kleenex
#424 - Air conditioning, even if it is April (gulp).
#425 - Unexpected visitors, like Uncle Jim this week
#426 - A tear that chokes me up during a worship song at church
#427 - Easter egg hunts
#428 - Smiles on kids faces
#429 - Finding a decaying dead walnut that has a new 2 inch baby walnut tree sprouting out of the inside
#430 - Mike’s willingness to help with projects without complaint
#431 - Springtime rains
#432 - Shelter from storms
#433 - A friend calling for no other reason but to share good news with me

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