Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Morgan & Sarah’s A to Z Days of Summertime Fun!

In between vacations and camps, here are some of the fun plans we have to fill our summer days! :) It was hard to just pick one thing a day!

A – W 2nd - Arts & Crafts Day
B – R 3rd - Baking banana bread and making barrettes
C – F 4th – Camping Day, don’t forget your camera!
D – M 7th – Dip in the pool!
E – T 8th – Experiment Day
F – W 9th - Friend Day
G – R 10th – Go geocaching.
H – F 11th – Half-price sonic drinks
I – M 14th - Ice Cream and Invest money at the bank
J – T 15th - Jewelry making.
K – W 16th - Kindness day (how can we be kind to others today?)
L – R 17th –Lava lamps…we’ll attempt to make our own.
M – F 18th - Mail letters to friends
N – M 21st – Nails, nails, nails!
O – T 22nd – Outside day
P – W 23rd – Park ‘n Pizza
Q – R 24th - Quarters….hmmm?!
R – F 25th – Reading, reading, reading!
S – M 28th - Scavenger Hunt
T – T 29th Take Daddy Lunch
U – W 30th Ultimate surprise!
V – W 14th Volcano (make one!)
W – R 15th Water Day
X – F 16th - “X Marks the Spot” Treasure Hunt
Y – R 22nd - Yesterday’s memories (scrapbook)
Z – F 23rd - Zoo

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