Monday, June 21, 2010

A 9 Year Old's Birthday

A lot of people choose to have big birthday parties every year for their kids, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Parties are fun, they create traditions and memories for children - kids love them. But for us, every birthday isn't celebrated with a huge party. Oh, they are always celebrated, but just differently. For example, this year when given a choice between having a party, doing Relay for Life with her Girl Scout Troop all night or going camping with friends - she chose the camping. And I'm glad she did.

It's been 2 years since we moved from Jefferson City and we still miss our friends - the Stolls - A LOT. Not only did their mom, Lori and I become dear friends, but our girls (5,7,7 & 9) really are BFFs in every way. And it's that kind of connection that goes deep, brings joy, and can not be easily separated by mere miles. I have a few other friends like that too and I am very thankful they are a part of my life. So when Morgan wanted to spend her birthday camping with them - well, I was thrilled!!
A few things I wanted to remember about Morgan's 9th birthday:
  • When the thunder woke her up at 3 in the morning and she wanted to snuggle up with me for comfort. I got to sing her all the lullaby's I did when she was a baby, old hymns and any other song I could think of. We then talked about all the cakes she's had for birthday's past (in order - sunshine, blue's clue paw print, flip flop, barbie, princess, ice cream cake, pool, high school music, camping.) It was just a special time we shared together as the storm raged on the other side of the tent.

  • She was speechless when she saw she got Justin Bieber CDs from us. Had lots of fun making jewelry with her gift from the Stolls and constantly used her sister's gift, a misting fan, this weekend.

  • Morgan flying across the lake on the tube with her friend, Morgan. Listening to 4 giggly girls laugh and splash and have fun swimming in the lake.

  • She spent hours working with her friends on a fairy house for the fairies who might stop by during the night. (We started doing this camping a few years ago, but this was the most elaborate one they've made). And how do you know if fairies stop by? They leave 'fairy dust' (glitter) everywhere and shiny things - like money.

  • Morgan's joy and happiness while we sang "Happy Birthday" to her - and then ate birthday cake and homemade ice cream while camping! Yum!

  • Morgan saying she wants to do this again with the Stolls on her 11th birthday (she knows we already have something big planned for her 10th birthday). I'm glad she thought this was the perfect birthday! I sure enjoyed it too!
Click on video to watch highlights from weekend:

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