Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

So I've discovered that St. Patrick's Day is a small little holiday in which I can break up the routine of life and have a little fun. I've always made a green dinner for the girls. And last year we started making leprechaun traps to catch us a leprechaun. So this year the girls informed me that they know leprechauns aren't real...they are just folklore...and yet, they still want to make a trap. They are at that age where their brain tells them leprechauns aren't real, but their imaginations and their hearts secretly hope they really are.

So last night they built this elaborate trap with Mike. They had different ideas for a trap, so it became quite elaborate as they figured out how to combine ideas into 1 trap. On the outside of the box is a ladder with a door and a note that says "pot of gold inside". If the leprechaun climbs up and jumps in the box to get the gold, then there is no way for him to climb back out. Then inside the box is a pot of gold that is on top of a 'trap'. The trap is connected to a pulley system, so when he takes out the gold, it becomes lighter which moves the container which is connected to a bowl above it, that will fall down and trap the leprechaun. I'm probably not explaining this the best...but it's cool!

On the menu today?
Breakfast - Lucky Charms with (hopefully) milk the leprechauns turned green last night.
Lunch - Green yogurt, green apples w/peanut butter, green juice, green cookie
Dinner - green beans, green mashed potatoes, chicken (definitely NOT green), green milk and mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches.

I will try and post pictures later today. Right now I need to go wake up 2 girls to see if they caught a leprechaun last night!

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