Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Update

Ok the girls were hilarious this morning. Neither one wanted to stick their hand in the trap 'cuz they were afraid the leprechaun was hiding in the box. They were excited about m&m's and glitter and green milk and yes, even that the leprechaun used our toliet when it stopped by. They were disappointed that their double trap did NOT catch a leprechaun. We figured the leprechaun must have been smart and took the ladder in with him, so he coud climb back out. And then he must have used the m&m's he left to keep the trap 'heavy' so that it would not fall on him as he took out the gold. Those leprechauns are tricky! Just ask Mike, they even turned the milk he took to work green. It appears we'll have to get smarter for next year if we're going to catch ourself a leprechaun! We also enjoyed our green dinner tonight!

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