Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterday, Mike was given the keys to the new crime lab and today they are suppose to complete the final walk-thru with the contractor!!! Now life gets a bit crazy for a few weeks as the patrol now gets the lab up & running and ready for the Governor's Ribbon cutting on Dec 15th. It's very exciting and Mike's going to take the girls and I to the new lab to tour hopefully sometime this next week.

It also means that life will be a bit busier here at home, as Mike will be working longer hours temporarily. And yet today I paused and was thankful that he has been able to work from home these past few months. What fun it was to have him here this summer when the girls were here and we were moving in and he could spend his lunch helping on projects, and how much I cherished the time that him and I had after the girls went back to school - biking over lunch and have uninterrupted conversations, and then when I started back to work...he's been home to give an extra hand in the morning, to get dinner started, to start a load of laundry during the day, to run to the bank over lunch...all these little things helped so much in my transition back to work. And I have been so thankful for the gift we've had of him working from home these past few months. And yet with that said, I think both Mike and I are glad that we get to settle into our new/old routine of him going to work each day!

Have I mentioned lately that I am so proud of Mike, not just 'cuz of what he does, but because of who he is at his core...strong, dependable, honest, at peace. I'm still in awe that I get to spend my life enjoying his company, loving him, falling into his arms at the end of a long day. My heart is filled with gratitude and more.

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Anna Casey said...

I love your expressions about Mike!