Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cute Stuff and Perspective

The girls are always come up with the cutest things. Sometimes I wish I wrote more of them down, but at least I'm taking the time to remember a few here and there. Here's the latest...
  • Morgan asked me if I knew what BSF meant. "No, not really". She informed me it meant "Best Sisters Forever" and she hung the sign on the door (a huge improvement over the Do Not Enter sign she previously had on her door! :))
  • Sarah apparently has a Kangaroo in her mouth! She really has a canker (sp?) sore, but she keeps calling it a "kangaroo". It's so darn cute!
Most days I feel like I'm adjusting well to this new a new community, in a new stage of life, in a new job, etc., etc. But then there's days like yesterday when I wonder if I'll make it through the day. Last night we went to church and during worship the tears just started flowing and I just let them flow for the entire 30 minutes. I was then able to refocus my thoughts from my present circumstances and those things that are making me sad (lack of nearby friendships, not enough time in my day, yelling at my kids too much) to those things which are eternal and lasting.'s what I needed last night.

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Airport Gal said...

Oh how well I remember moving to Columbia from Bolivia...lost, lost! Lots of tears, no one to talk to, longing for relationship, etc. But, God was faithful and saw me through those dark days and nights!

You will have friends eventually, and these times will fade away! But, in actuality...we really will never feel completely at home until we pass on into eternity! Then, we'll really, really be HOME!