Friday, June 6, 2008

Just 2 Weeks

Wow...I hardly know where to begin. Maybe because I don't even know how I feel. Relief, Joy, Grief, Tension, Fear, Overwhelmed. I did sleep until the alarm went off this morning, which is the first time in weeks I slept thru the night...yeah! Well 2 weeks from today (June 20th) we will be out of our current home. (We should have a signed contract by the end of the day, right now it's just verbal). So finally after months, actually years, of waiting for this's here. We're really leaving. We are going to Springfield Sat, Sun & find our new home. And then we'll be figuring out all the details. Morgan's birthday is June 19th and she is having the hardest time with this move, so I feel really bad about all this chaos surrounding her birthday. We leave on the 20th for Michigan. Mike has a class and we're all going. It's only 10 minutes from my sister and an hour from my parents, so that should be fun. So if all works out we'll be able to close on a house in Springfield on the 30th when we return to Missouri. But meanwhile, what do I do with the pet hamster? He might be taking a road trip! :)

I also must say how much I appreciate my husband. He is so calm and steady and reassuring. He said all the right things yesterday. I couldn't imagine anyone more wonderful than him to share life with and for that alone I feel so blessed!

The girls dance recital is tonight. That should be a fun diversion from all this chaos!

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