Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not Homeless

Well we finally got word from the bank and we will not be homeless! Here's a picture of our new home in Republic, MO. :) It's on 1 1/2 acres in a neighborhood with good schools. We don't have a close date yet, but we'll definitely be there by July 16th. And this Aquatic Center is only 2 miles from our new home...I think we'll spend lots of time there this summer! The movers are loading the truck today. We're camping out a few days here then heading to Michigan for awhile. Oh yah, Morgan was upset when the moving truck arrived, she told the neighbor "I was hoping they wouldn't come!".

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Eri said...

Beautiful home, looks big. It is interesting to think about the memories you will be making in your new place. When Jon and I walked into our home after we had closed and it was officially ours, we said this may be the hall the girls walk down in their prom dresses or their graduation gowns. It felt totally wierd. Looking forward to seeing you friday!