Thursday, June 12, 2008

One More Goodbye

Today has been an awful day. I won't go into all the details...but let's just say it started with a flood in the basement and most of my scrapbook materials waterlogged. But this evening was the saddest when we had just one more unexpected goodbye. Sarah's hamster died. She literally sobbed uncontrollably for 1 1/2 hours until she was almost asleep. We all cried. We buried him in the backyard and made a cross for him. It's hard to say goodbye to your first pet. And then all the emotions of the move on top of it. It was a difficult evening.

I think the movers are coming Monday. We placed an offer on a house and hope to hear back tomorrow. Life is crazy, chaotic and I'm exhausted. But I continue to be thankful that I have Mike and the girls to share this journey with!

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Eri said...

I feel for you...moving is so draining. You guys will be in my prayers.