Saturday, May 3, 2008

She did it!

So as Morgan is walking out the door yesterday...I tell her, "Good luck on your Mad minutes!!" (it was her last chance today) and then I said "Remember, you're're reading like a 2nd grader!" It was the best I could do after she cried herself to sleep the night before, so distraught over these mad minutes. Then I prayed "Lord, you know how hard she's worked, and you heard her prayer last night, and she really needs a miracle I'm asking for a miracle!" And she came running thru the door last night yelling "close your eyes!" and gave me the paper saying she passed her last step in mad minutes!! YES!! It was very exciting! :) I was so happy for her. But what touched me the most was that she still cried last night about mad minutes...she was sad for other kids who didn't pass, one girl in particular was crying yesterday. She is so compassionate about others. Thank you Lord, for the miracle of the mad minutes and for giving me such a compassionate daughter to share life with!

And poor Sarah has been so sick. We've been to the doctor twice. Today she actually woke up without crying from feeling so bad. It was good to see her smile, even if she still has fever. On Friday morning, as I woke her up to take her to the doctor her fever was 104.8!! And that was with meds!!

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Airport Gal said...

What a wonderful testimony of God's abundant care for each one of us...even in the "small" things. I'm sorry to hear about your little one being so ill! Does the doctor know what's wrong with her? I'll be sure and lift her up in prayer!