Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, I love my digital camera, really I do...but we took 80 pictures in one weekend...sometimes I'm shocked at how many pictures we take with our digital camera. Oh well, more to share with you!

Well school is out and summer is here. Here are a couple of photos of Morgan's last day of 1st grade. Her best friend is Sammy -- she's in the orange/blue.

We also tried out our new "trail-gators" this weekend...a bar that pulls the girl's bike behind ours. We had fun pedaling on the Katy Trail.

On Sunday we got to share in Karen's wedding (she is a friend of ours who works with Mike.) It was a windy, but beautiful day. The girls had fun dancing. Here they are dancing with Darian (their babysitter, whom also works with Mike).
And today Sarah had an Adenoidectomy (her Adenoids taken out). She is doing great...I keep having to remind myself she actually had surgery this morning! She hasn't complained at all and she hasn't needed any medicine. She's had lots of fun playing with her sister on this first day of summer! Isn't that awesome?! :)
(sorry if the text doesn't line up with the photos...I can't figure out how to get it to line up every time correctly!)

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Eri said...

We get so spoiled with the digital camera, don't we? It's amazing how many pics I take and then just delete them right then.