Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Have to Write

I should be in bed, but I just can't sleep. I'm glad that Sarah is finally feeling better. She is much more herself now, which is a mixed blessing...when she is sick she is cuddly and sweet, but when she is feeling good she is cuddly, sweet and stubborn! She refused to eat any dinner last night because we only gave her 1/2 a hamburg and not a whole hamburger (even though she could have got the other 1/2 if she ate her 1st half.)

Today was my last day as parent helper in Sarah's preschool...after 4 years at this preschool (2 with each girl) last "helper" day is done. I might never help in a preschool classroom again. At least not with my own kids. I've been trying to not cry about it all day, but now I am. It's just another reminder of change. Why is it so hard?

Tonight was my book club. I wish I could say I love book club...I really want to love book club. I enjoy reading books I normally wouldn't pick up and I enjoy listening to others thoughts. But it is so hard for me to share my thoughts and feelings in a group setting. I get discouraged. I could talk about the book with every person there...but just not all at once. We read The Opposite of Fate by Amy Tan. I didn't decide I liked the book until page 322. I just felt sad for she was searching for truth and not finding it...and on page 322 that is why she shared that she writes. I hope she keeps writing until she knows Him who is Truth. I always take quotes from are a few from hers:
  • "Many of the greatest moments we experinece are moments we cannot adequately prepare for..."
  • "I write because often I can't express myself any other way and I think I'll implode if I don't find the words." (I can relate...why else would I be blogging instead of sleeping?)
  • "I will try to sort out my worries, categorize them, organize them, find possible solutions to contain them or make them go away. And they still sit in my brain..." (oh how I wish I couldn't relate to this!)
Tomorrow is Morgan's field trip at school...walking to a local park to spend the day. It should be a fun day spent with her and her friends. Oh yah, something else I was thankful for...when Sarah was sick, she was sleeping a lot, so I had a lot of 1 on 1 time with Morgan and I really enjoyed playing games, going on a walk, and watching our favorite show together "Home ExtremeOver" as she calls it. :) And this Sunday on Extreme Home sister-in-law's brother's friend is the one who is getting his house done!


Eri said...

I'm in a book club too! I really love it. As far as the preschool helper days being over, are you guys sure you are done having kids?

Cathy said...

Yes, I'm certain we're done having kids! :)

Airport Gal said...

I'm glad that you're crying about an epoca being over! That means you enjoyed the time spent with your girls. And yes, there are new days ahead, but days past bring warm feelings to our hearts!