Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Unsettled and The Impact Effect

I'm kinda excited about two new books coming out next month.  First...unsettled: life beyond the yellow ragged couch...
For ten years, we attended this church in Columbia, MO (and then later in Jeff City, MO when they opened a campus there) called Woodcrest. I got to hear Piet Van Warde speak every week, and I never tired of listening to his messages. I appreciated his authenticity, because God often spoke through him to my heart about what I needed to hear. Something tells me that God may just once again speak to me again through Piet's words, in his newest book, unsettled, so I am looking forward to getting a copy of it soon! Here's the facebook page for unsettled.

Next...The Impact Effect: A revolutionary vision for compassion in your community and the world...
I really didn't want to leave 'woodcrest' - it was one of the hardest part of our move. And yet, God led us to another amazing church, led by Tommy Sparger, called North Point Church (NPC).  What I love about NPC is how hands on they are about living out the christian life in the community and around the world.  Their love for others here in our town and across the globe is real and authentic and inspiring. It's not about talking or programs...it's about action...and making a difference...and loving others with the love that God has placed in our hearts. He explains it all in this book.  Here's more info on Tommy's blog about The Impact Effect. 

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