Thursday, August 11, 2011

Growing Up

So I've been noticing more and more things that are kinda nice about the girls growing up, for example, this week in KC:
  • I haven't had to push an elevator button even once. 
  • I haven't had to get ice from the hotel ice machine. 
  • They willingly made me a PB sandwich each day for lunch. 
  • They have held the door open for me and for strangers countless times.
  • I don't have to be in the pool with them constantly. I can sit poolside and read a book while they happily splash about. 
  • They can walk longer distances without me having to carry them any more. 
And yet, at the same time, looking back at our trip to KC three years ago, it's amazing how little has changed.
For this week, we've enjoyed these simple pleasures, some shared with Mike, others with just my girls and I when he was in training.  We rode escalators up and down, visited the pool too many times to count (once after dark), splashed together, played 'sea monster', went shopping, had breakfast in bed while watching cartoons, enjoyed the view from our 40th floor room, ran down 23 flights of stairs for fun, laughed together, had pillow fights, ran thru fountains, played cards and banagrams, we let mini trains deliver our dinner again, we toured Hallmark and the Money Museum and made crafts at Kaleidoscope, we explored the art museum and saw Monet's work, and we 'dressed up' to go share cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory! I've definitely enjoyed this week hanging out in KC! And everything we did (except dining and the girls had their own 'shopping money') was free!! :)

waiting for dad to take us The Cheesecake Factory!
Sarah, "Mom, I'm getting a picture of you on your phone!"
The Sweet Joy of Daughters!!
Yes, the girls loved being on the 40th floor!
Night time, roof top, swimming, apparently makes us  "the most awesomest parents!"

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