Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's HOT!!!

I can't believe how hot it's been. I've certainly been missing Michigan Summers. Since we moved to Missouri 15 years ago, this is the first summer we haven't traveled back to Michigan in the summertime. Don't know if a Michigan gal will ever get acclimated to a Missouri summer! Just look at a few of the 'facts' about Missouri's heat -
  • We've set record highs the past 3 days in a row.
  • We even set a record high for the month of August at 108.
  • Mind you this is Missouri in the summer, so add in humidity and the heat indexes are well over 110. 
  • This is the hottest summer in Missouri in the past 25 years.
  • We went to 'moonlight madness' to ride the roller coasters last night. When we arrived at Silver Dollar City at 6pm, the heat index was reading 117 on my phone. When we left at 10pm, it was reading 102 on my phone. 
  • My air conditioning is set at 82 - and that's still 25+ degrees colder than the outside temperatures!
We did try to cook an egg on the sidewalk the other day...but it didn't work. We might have to try it again!

And really, I love the sun, just not the heat - look at this gorgeous picture I got at sunset camping this past weekend. Yes, we were crazy enough to camp in this heat!!

Yes, I'm SOOO thankful for our central air conditioning!! And I'm thankful no season lasts forever...

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