Thursday, July 21, 2011

A to Z Summer Fun

Last summer we did our first A to Z Summer fun! This year we are keeping some of the same days, and adding in some different days. And with the first half of our summer so busy, I did have to double up a few days this year in order to get them all squeezed in! When making our list I try and think of everything I want to do at least once with the girls during the summer...and put it on here so that we make sure the fun happens before summer slips away! Last summer I was great about getting pictures of each day...this year...well, not so well. But here are a couple. Perhaps it's the heat getting to me?!
"B" Day: Baking Day!
This is their own creation, cookie dough dipped in melted chocolate chips. Umm, yay, they were yummy!

"E" Day: Experiment Day
Polymers let you poke a pencil thru a bag full of water without spilling any of it! Look at that concentration!
Well, today we are on "K" day and I'm glad my girls love this a to z summer fun as much as I do! :)

July 7th        A Arts & Crafts – Village Pottery
July 8th        B Baking Day
July 11th      C Camera scavenger Hunt
July 12th      D Donuts delivered to Dad
July 13th      Experiment Day
July 14th      F Friendship Day
July 15th      G Game Day – Make up some games
July 18th      H Hershey Day
July 19th      I Ice Cream Day
July 20th      J Jump in the Pool!
July 21st      K Kindness Day
July 22nd     L Laugh, Laugh,Laugh
July 25th      M Mystery Monday
July 26th      N-O Neighbors over for Outside Fun!
July 27th      P Pizza at the Park with Pop
July 28th      Q Quiet Day
July 29th      R Republic Aquatic Center
Aug 1st        S Scrapbooking
Aug 2nd       T-U Take a Trip to an Ultimate Surprise
Aug 3rd       V Video Game Day
Aug 4th        W Wilson’s Creek Jr. Ranger Badge
Aug 5th        X-Y Xtra Fun at the Y-Center
Aug 12th     Zippity-do-dah Day!


Dana-v said...

FUN! I bet they are loving it. The countdown to school is on.

Heidi @ The Good Stuff Guide said...

Cathy, I've never heard about this and I LOVE IT! Would you mind if we shared this idea on The Good Stuff Guide? I'm late - but I can't wait to do this with my boys next year. I'm sure other moms will feel the same.

Cathy said...

Danavee - Morgan was just saying tonight how she can't wait to get back to school! So I checked, 26 more days! Do you have your class list yet? I'm anxious for them to post them in August!

Heidi - Thanks! I dropped you an email, so check your inbox! :)

Dana-v said...

No list yet officially. I peeked at one I saw laying on the office counter though. Not enough time to really study it. If I can sneak a peek at 5th and 3rd, I'll email you! ;)