Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know that not everyone gets along with their in-laws. And I know that some people have legit reasons for not getting along with their in-laws.  But I've got to say that every time I get together with my in-laws, we have the best of times! Perhaps it's shared tragedy that bonds us to something bigger beyond pettiness. Perhaps it's the distance that makes the times we gather even sweeter. Perhaps they are just wonderful people whom I get to call 'family'. Whatever it is, I'm thankful for them.  We couldn't get together with everyone this summer...well, they live in MA, WI, NY, NC and FL - so it's a bit of a challenge - we saw most of them last summer and hope we can again next summer.

This past week was spent with the Boston Bakers - and I find myself a bit sad today, wishing the miles were a bit shorter, and the girls could have more time with their cousins.  But I am certainly thankful for the opportunities like this past week where we packed in the fun!

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