Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Memories

Last year, for Mother's Day weekend, it was FREEZING cold at Roaring River State Park, but I still fell in love with this beautiful natural wonder. So this year, with the weather looking **GORGEOUS** I knew I wanted to head back there. With temps in the 80s, we spent the weekend exploring new trails, meandering through the woods for hours, jumping creeks, searching for geocaches, peeking in caves, climbing rocks, and pausing to notice all the mini waterfalls. Seriously, what could make a mother's day weekend any better than hours of uninterrupted time with the three people I love most in the whole world!?! Then at the campground, we laughed playing a game called Spoons, relaxed by the creek's edge in the hammock, and enjoyed skipping countless rocks in the river. And of course, s'mores were a given!
"Devil's Kitchen"
Cave Exploring
Water dripping off the cliff walls.
So many beautiful spots to stop and enjoy.
Skipping Rocks.
Relaxing by the water's edge. 

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