Thursday, May 26, 2011

Charlie Bird

Day 1: Discovery
Just over two weeks ago we discovered a bird's nest with 4 tiny blue eggs tucked inside of it. The exciting part was that the nest rested just inches from where Sarah laid her head every night.  Two days after we discovered the eggs, we had a baby bird, whom the girls named Charlie.  Sadly, none of the other birds made it (we had several days of 20 degree below our average for this time of year, so it may have just been too cold). They were named cutie, fuzzie and wuzzie.
Baby Charlie Bird is born
With eagerness we checked on Charlie every morning and every night and got to see momma bird (whom they called Beauty) feed him LOTS of worms.  So adorable to see up close!! And as soon as Charlie pooped, momma bird put it in her mouth and carried it away (umm, gross!)...and then papa bird came and sat on the nest while momma bird was gone.  It was quite the tag team to watch.
Charlie wishing for some worms.
It was definitely hard to get pictures through both a screen and a window - but we did our best. Sarah took several dozen pictures of her 'pet birds'.  Today I went in her room and Charlie has now flown away. Hopefully she's not too sad because she's become quite attached to the little guy out her window. We all have. :) Hopefully the birds will return next year so we can experience this joy again! :)
Look closely, he's grown quite a bit in 2 weeks.
I took this last night before he flew away today.
See how close the birds were to Sarah!

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