Thursday, May 5, 2011

Expo Makers in the Medicine Cabinet

Seriously, I think EVERYONE should have EXPO Markers...or window crayons...or window their medicine cabinet.

Our family has SO much fun writing messages on the mirrors to each other!! I mean, you walk into the bathroom...and there it is...a new message just for you! And you can't help but smile!

Here are some of the things we write on the mirrors:

  • a single word: Explore, Dream - and the other responds to it. 
  • coded messages that make our kids go 'huh?' and  have them writing things like 'good luck mom!' 
  • Reminders: last night the girls wrote me a reminder to pick up the pizza for Sarah's class today.
  • Bible Verses.
  • virtues we're reinforcing from church at home. Right now the girls mirror says: Forgiveness:Deciding that someone who has wronged you does not have to pay. 
  • a phrase to finish. Last Friday I wrote: "Weekends are for..." and we added ideas all weekend. 
  • countdowns to special events. Girls mirror says: 21 Days til Aunt Suzie arrives.
  • the girls write messages to each other. and to us. 
  • Encouragement: Good luck on your test today! 

Try it...I bet you'll be hooked too! One word of caution, if you buy Expo markers, you might also want to buy an extra bottle of windex cleaner! :)