Saturday, May 14, 2011

Extreme Fort Makeover

Sarah's Wall

Morgan's Wall

This spring the girls have been busy painting the inside of their playhouse.  They finally got *most* of the details added this week, although they still have a few ideas of things they'd like to add.  Their good friend Maddy helped them with the painting.

Maddy's Wall and curtains
So...I decided to make them some curtains and beanbags to help **transform** this fort into a place that feels special to them and they want to hang out in this summer to read, talk, laugh.  I was going to save it for summer, but with Mike gone one night these week, I began to work on it with the girls instead.

I found a flannel back vinyl tablecloth at walmart for less than $5.  We cut it to make the curtains. They are stapled to the wall. :)

turned couch into a 'bed'
Then we used the rest to make the beanbags.   We made two long bean bags, with which they can use as sit-upons, or put together to make a couch, or lay on as a bed. I thought it would take one hour to hot glue them together. Three days later, they are finally finished and we now have waterproof beanbags!

Plan A: Hot Glue them together. Got first one made and stuffed and then the seem split.  Note to self: hot glue does not stick to vinyl tablecloths.
Plan B: Sew them. Pulled out the sewing machine. Actually remembered how to thread it. But it's not working. Then I broke the last needle I had for it.
Plan C: Duct Tape. It appears our duct tape has gone missing. Mike didn't think it would hold either.
Plan D: Sew by hand. Seriously, I hate sewing, but I really wanted to make these. So, the girls and I sat down and spent a couple of hours sewing these. Sarah said that plan D was the best because it was the funnest!

I also found a couple of paper lanterns for only $1/each, which I hung up in their playhouse too!
sisterly love
Morgan, Madisyn, Sarah
As you can see from all their smiles, they are very happy.  It's only in the 50s here today and they are insisting they stay outside in the fort. :)

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The Rawson's said...

This is SO fun!!!:) I can't wait to make a club house!! :) Your girls are SO beautiful inside and out just like their mama :) Your are SUCH an inspiration! Thanks :)