Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Did It!!!

Goodbye 1997 Suburban with 199,000 miles!

Hello 2007 Toyota Sequoia! Welcome to the family!
And the best part....We have been making a car payment to ourselves for the past several years and so we paid cash for this car! If you would have asked me even 10 years ago I would have said we would have NEVER be able to pay cash for a car - but guess what, through my years of staying home with the girls and part-time jobs - we saved - and we did it!!!  Does this car have everything we wanted? No! But it will still be a great car for our family (even the white is growing on me! :))!! Plus, it's ours - not the banks - no stress about payments, so we get to enjoy it even more!! First trip...Grand Canyon this summer, here we come!!!

This is the girl's favorite part of the new vehicle, the built in DVD player! ...if only we could figure out how to work it (think remote needs batteries). The vehicle comes with a full warranty for one year, so one way or the other, we'll get it working! :)

In The Trenches Update:
We had to travel to Columbia to get this vehicle, so we decided to stay overnight, being Mike's birthday on Monday and all.  Besides, it gave us the chance to eat some Shakespeare's pizza and visit with some good friends!!  Well, I love listening to the girls conversations when they wake up in the morning.  First conversation - about the new Sequoia (too cute!). Next conversation: Morgan says to Sarah, "I will have my doctorate degree in 16 years - you will have yours in 18 years." To which Sarah responds, "I don't want to do anything when I grow up!" I told you she's in this extremely lazy phase AND she lives in the moment, so she really doesn't think beyond the present time. Morgan's response, "Well you'll at least have to get your bachelor's degree!"  It will be fun to see what careers they decide on one day,  but for now, I'm thankful for whispered conversations in hotel beds next to mine!

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Kim Hill said...

Congratulations! You guys should be shouting this from the highest building! We love Dave Ramsey and it is truly a blessing to have this program in our lives!