Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Fun

I am doing my best to be proactive in fighting off the winter blues that I can often experience this time of year. For starters, I made a list of projects Mike & I can work on around the house, stuff we already have on hand and just need to complete.  Then, I made this list of free things we can do as a family this winter:

- Wii Game Night
- Board Game Night
- Family Slumber Party – fire, smores, sleeping bags, telling stories
- Baking Night
- Craft (candle making) night
- Homemade Funnel Cakes and watch our Family Movies
- Look thru scrapbooks & convince everyone to help me scrapbook! :)
- Plan our summer trip to Grand Canyon
- “Window Shop” and/or test drive for our new vehicle
- Winter hikes and geocaching
- Discovery Center (free w/season passes!)
- Puzzles
- Have friends over to play games
- Then there is always sledding and playing in the snow if we happen to get any of that fluffy white stuff!

Plus we have Girl Scout cookie sale beginning this week, Volleyball for Morgan beginning this week, and Ice Skating for Sarah starting next week.  Plus I have Sarah's birthday coming up to plan for...8 years old, first slumber party! We should have plenty of fun days ahead...

One more thing, I often find gingerbread houses for really cheap after Christmas - so for $2.50, I got this gingerbread house which provided both over an hour of entertainment for 3 girls and an afternoon snack!

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Dana-v said...

Put me down for a box of Thin Mint! :)