Monday, January 17, 2011

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

I was reminded today of this video I saw this past year. This author has a gift of pausing, noticing, appreciating the little things that make life so worth living!  Here is her website, and the video is near the bottom, on the left. and she celebrates the gift of an ordinary day.

Well today, I have tried to pause and enjoy the gift of this ordinary day.  Here are a few highlights.

Our girls actually slept in til 9am! I never thought they would sleep past 6am when they were toddlers, especially on our day off! They watched cartoons for awhile, and I spent some time getting lost in other's words on their blogs.  Mike got up and decided to begin (and finish) painting the ceiling in the kitchen.  There have been a few spots on the ceiling since we moved in - it's so nice to NOT see them anymore!  I took an extra long hot shower and then watched another movie with the girls, while getting caught up on laundry.  I gave them a break and told them "Don't even ask to help with the laundry today, because the answer will be no!" We then went into town to spend the rest of their Christmas gift cards (they got Apples to Apples Jr, a new lap desk, and an I spy puzzle book), get Morgan a volleyball so she can practice at home, check on cell phone plans (sigh - we currently have pay as you go plans and are looking to leap up to smartphones with monthly plans), and then we ended the errands using our buy one get one coupons for DQ Blizzards, for dinner.  We played several games of their new Apples to Apples Jr. game, then I snuggled with Sarah and helped her with one of her I spy pictures, then giggled with Morgan as she read from her Double Fudge book to me. I listened to each of them laugh today. I looked into their eyes and smiled at them. I reminded them of my love after bedtime prayers. Now I'm going to go to bed and snuggle into the arms of my amazing husband.

I both started and ended my day watching another video. Figuring Life Out - One Thousand Gifts. It's inspiring. I posted the video in another post. I hope you take the time to pause and enjoy the beauty of it.  I will probably blog more about this later.

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