Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poor Daisy Update

So as if the pink cast/bandage wasn't bad enough...at least it was kinda cute on her...she had to chew on the bandage and expose her stitches and bother her stitches, which left me no choice but to purchase her this humiliating cone. She literally shook for the first 2 hours it was on her. :( She is still not happy with it and neither am I, but what can I do? Besides wonder how we are going to make it a whole week, that is. The worse part is that she can't even put her nose to the ground to sniff...it feels like pure cruelty to keep a beagle from sniffing around...it's like 75% of her entertainment in life!

1 comment:

Dana-v said...

Look at that pitiful face! It's gonna be a long week! Wear jeans! ;)