Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Thoughts

Writing down some of my random thoughts so that I don't lay awake thinking about them tonight! :)

Well, that 31 days of writing didn't go so well, huh? Oh well.  Life got busy, and I just missed a few days and well then, didn't feel like picking it back up.

Photo: Look! No more pool table!! Oh the plans I have for this space!!  Pool table light for sale if anyone interested. Retails for $589, make offer.Well, we got rid of our pool table... and look at all this beautiful space!!!  And do I have plans for this space!! :)

But first we asked the girls what they thought we should do with this space.  Their ideas included... cutting out the foundation and putting in an indoor pool.  Cutting out foundation and putting in a ground level trampoline.  They wanted to turn it into a gymnast area. Something about putting tunnels in and the TV on the ceiling...oh and my favorite... a fireman's pole from our living room down to the basement here!

Well obviously, none of that is happening! But in that corner there, I'm planning to upcycle some old pallets and build a 'snack bar' area with some bar stools, refrig... an area for entertaining, to grow with the girls as they enter into their teen years.  Also, there's talk of getting some hanging chairs to hang from the ceiling! I'm excited to see how this project comes together in the next few months. :)

And, my big interview today?! I was surprised at how peaceful, confident and excited I was about it.  That is not normal for me, I'm usually so nervous and worried.  I definitely felt all the prayers of all my dear friends and family praying for me!!

I felt the interview went well, and I had good answers for her questions.  I have to wait til the end of next week to see if I get called back for a second interview.  I dislike waiting. Sigh. I will have to keep busy!! Thankfully I have 3 full sub days ahead!

I know I would LOVE this job, and be really good at it -- it's a great match for my passions, my skills, and I would love to invest in this position.  But I also have this peace, that if this is meant to be, then God will work it all out. And if it's not the right thing for me, or this amazing organization, then I trust He will guide the right person to the job and me to the plans He has for me. I trust Him, and His heart for me.  Even if I don't get this job, I hope to keep volunteering weekly at this place...because it's an organization that has 'caught my heart!'

Lastly, my little etsy store has been doing awesome!! I've made as much in the last 6 weeks as I made the first 8 months of this year!! How crazy, fun, is that? I may never find our dining room table again, as it has been over taken with scrabble tiles.  If this pace keeps up, I will have to come up with a different place to make my scrabble items. :) At least it's a big table and we can still all crowd around it at one end for dinner!

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