Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mike's Cubicle Meets 3 Girls

Day 2 of #31 Days over at  Writing for 31 Days on one topic: Interacting with My Girls (it's the little every day things!)

Day 2: We accomplish projects together. After all, we are a family, and we share things as a family.  Mike's work is doing a cubicle decorating contest this month, so tonight the girls and I went up with him and decorated his cubicle.  The girls pinned each and everyone of those leaves to the leaf pile at the bottom (150 of them!)!

All the pictures are each and every Halloween we've been able to share with them!! 12 fun, fun years!

Aren't they so cute! :) 

The above pictures is of the girls attempting to recreate old Halloween pictures they thought were funny...this was all their idea and I love their silliness! How'd they do? 

 I love that they love completing projects with us and are laughing and smiling at the end!  Family togetherness, there's nothing as sweet! 

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