Friday, August 9, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Lonely

Linking up today for Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker

Today's topic: Lonely. 

Directions: Write for only 5 minutes and stop. Here we go! 

I love summertime.  When my girls laughter fills my home. (More arguing too.  It's part of growing.)  More time spent with my girls. More instilling values into them.  More creative messes. I love just having them home, and around, even if sometimes they are watching TV or playing with friends.  They fill my life with joy.

And next week school starts again. 5th and 7th graders, already!! I'm already worried about some of the loneliness that will creep in on the days I don't get called in to sub.  I know I have stuff I need to do, or should do.  I just like my family, home.

I think this is part of the reason I want to get a full time job -- something to do during the day. A place to be every day, relationships to connect with.  I think it would help me feel less lonely here during the day.

And yet, I know how blessed I am to have Mike, Morgan and Sarah sharing this journey with me, making it so sweet, and filling it so full.  I'm glad that when they are gone, I miss them. I miss their presence.  Lonely reminds me of the fullness and joy of relationship with them!

But I am super glad that I have the sweetest beagle ever, that helps fill those lonely hours.  She snuggles good! I love having her around.



Carissa said...

:) I LOVE how you made the connection between the lonely feelings and how they remind you of your fullness and joy :) Never thought of it that way. Praying for sweet lonely times when they happen... but that you'll never feel truly alone.

Carissa said...

p.s. visiting from five minute Friday :)

Joy Lenton said...

Sweet family thoughts here, Cathy. It's only when we are alone that we fully appreciate the blessings of company and companionship and long for their return. I'm so pleased you have your delightful beagle to while away the hours with. And, those precious childhood days go so fast. Enjoy them while you can. I'm due to become a grandma later this year and I wonder where all the years have gone since my 2 sons were babies! Visiting here from FMF. Blessings :) x

Mel said...

What a sweet puppy face. :) I'm a week away from sending my baby (who's far from that anymore!) to preschool. I know that it's just two mornings a week and I'll have no problem filling my just seems like a season I'm not quite ready for. So I can relate a little. :) Hope you are doing well, friend. Happy weekend to you...keeping you in my prayers. :)