Friday, March 22, 2013

Our TOP 10 Cruise Memories

Since we were celebrating Sarah's 10th birthday, here's our Top 10 memories from our cruise. (We took a 4 day cruise from New Orleans, down to Cozumel, and back.)

note: the girls did these separate, but I think it's cute how they both had the exact same top 4. :) 

1. Swimming with dolphins
2. Snorkeling
3. Ice Cream
4. Swimming
5. Circle C (camp carnival)
6. Shopping
7. The towel animal making
8. The bunk beds
10. Spending time with family

1. Swimming with dolphins
2. Snorkeling
3. Ice Cream
4. Swimming in the pool (water slide).
5. Sunrise
6. Bunk beds
7. Warm weather
8. $10 Store
9. Towel animals :)
10. Camp Carnival

1. Swimming with dolphins
2. Being on a big boat
3. Seeing how many ice creams the girls could eat in a day and trying to keep up
*yes - he still owes me '7 more' to complete his list! :) 

(I think I scribbled a hundred memories on my paper in the car, but I'll try and condense it to a top 10)
1. Being able to interact with such a sweet animal, Louis, our dolphin friend.
2. Watching the joy on my girl's faces as they interacted with the dolphin.
3. Chankanaab National Park where we got to snorkel for the first time (I'm in love!).
4. Laying in the hammock and looking up at the palm trees while soaking up some sunshine on the white sandy beach and being mesmerized by how blue the water was in Cozumel. Our time in Cozumel was much too short! 
5. My girls gasp when they got their first glance at the ocean when we woke up the first morning on the ship
6. Eating ice cream cones at sunrise one morning.
7. Winning the door decorating contest for St. Patrick's Day (and Sarah getting champagne on stage for it)
8. Trying new foods. Mike, Morgan and I actually tried the alligator fritters!
9. The towel animals -- finding them in our room each night, girls learning to make. (side note: last night when we went to bed at home, we found towel animals on our pillows!) 
10. Getting off the boat at the end, Sarah's first words are, "I couldn't of asked for a better 10th birthday!!"

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Danavee Kimmons Long said...

Love it! I wish I could've heard their gasp..............seen that champagne rewarded to Sarah...........and soaked up some of that sun too!