Friday, September 7, 2012

We Still Bleed Green

I probably should bleed gold or something, since I graduated from Mizzou. But really, we bleed green in our home.  Go Spartans! Mike attended Michigan State...he moved there the week after he asked me out on our first date.  Then, when we got married 3 years later we moved into Married Housing on campus. Oh those sweet days of riding our bikes all over campus, of the dollar skates at the ice rink, of walking to Quality Dairy for Frozen Icees. And we were too poor to actually attend any home football games, but if we sat out on our deck, we could hear the roar of the crowd.  It was fun to listen to the radio those days, the announcers would say things like "the sun just peeked through the coulds" or "the crowd is going wild" - and we could see/hear all those things. Oh, and the joy of trying to leave/return to our apartment during games...pretty much a nightmare! And I worked three different part-time jobs on campus. It was my first time away from home. Our first apartment. I was 'living on love'.   In reality we had so little then, but we were so happy! (still are, just have more 'stuff' now and much more room than our tiny 1 bedroom apt)

Sorry, I didn't mean to detour down memory lane so far.  Really, this post was to brag about our new wall/room.  When the basement flooded last month, we had to knock a whole in the drywall which required the need to repaint the room. The room (in our basement) was this boring flat brown color, and it's the girls playroom and has no windows.  So, we were at Lowes trying to pick out paint colors, I was leaning towards yellows and blues (bright colors to brighten the room!) but then I realized those were Michigan colors, and so right there it came to me - we needed a State Room! So four days later, here is the big reveal -

After we got home, I remembered my sister had painted a huge Blue M on my nephew's wall - so being inspired by her, I set out to find a way to paint this giant 4 foot Spartan S on our wall!! It turned out so good! We even figured out a way to make nice straight lines on a textured wall using this technique I found on pinterest! I also like our alternating stripe at the top, just adds a bit of fun to the plain white walls.  It's a perfect playroom now - it makes me happy to go in there, even though there are no windows. And when the girls out grow the room in just a couple of's still a perfect room for us! 

And one more project I made a couple of weeks ago....
It's actually made out of TP rolls.  Who knew they could be so pretty with a bit of cutting, glue and spray paint!?! I hung it in the girls' bathroom. 

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