Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Things

Just wanted to list a few of the happy things from my week -

Morgan knew I'd been waiting (like, forever!) for Mockingjay, so I could finish the Hunger Games series, (ridiculously long wait at public library), so she checked it out from her school library for me to read! (so sweet!) And last night, I finished it. And I loved it. I didn't love the Twlight series, so I wasn't expecting to love this series. I did. A lot. The epilogue moved me in a way I was not anticipating. It's rare that an end of a book can touch me deeply.

Sarah begged me to let her mop the floor - seriously begged - so lucky me, my floor got mopped!

The girls most recent favorite game. It's been fun to play with them in the evenings. #monopoly
Monopoly was my favorite game when I was the girls age. They have been really into it lately, so I've been playing it with them in the evenings, and it's been lots of fun to play again after all these years.

Yesterday was a perfect day to welcome in Fall at Silver Dollar City's Harvest Festival.  We were there when the park opened and when it closed. There were virtually no lines. Got to ride in the front and back easily of any roller coaster we wanted to. The girls were excited that we finally let them pick out a bucket full of taffy flavors, so they snacked on that all day.  We also got fudge, blommin' onion, skillet meals...yum!! We normally don't spoil our taste buds at Silver Dollar City like this, so it was a real treat! And I got a shirt that says "Livin' the Lucky Life!" - I couldn't agree more!

The Good Stuff Guide - This is the other website that I get the privilege of writing for! I love having another outlet to write articles and share ideas on! And she sent me an email this past week - she hadn't checked the stats in quite awhile and the site is getting 25,000 to 32,000 unique hits every month!! yay!! (I guess to be considered a successful website they want to see at least 10,000 unique hits.) I admit, this has made me smile, more than once. :)

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WOW!!!!!!!! That's pretty exciting stuff!