Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On the Lighter Side

Just a few lighter moments in our home lately -
  • Morgan decided to do the laundry this past weekend...on her own, unprompted! umm, yay, me! Then I discover, that she's discovered, if she does the laundry, she usually finds some loose change - so she gets paid for doing the laundry!  Sooo....I might just have to leave a few coins in my pocket, on purpose, to encourage her love of this chore! :) I can be nice like that. 
  • We finally decided to take the girls on a float trip. This Saturday! yay! Well, except for now, Isaac is going to be visiting this Saturday! So, you can thank us for helping to put a dent in this drought, as Isaac drenches us in two days of downpour! I'm so glad for the rain! 
  • We've had a houseguest this past week. And Sarah has fallen in love. He makes her giggle all the time, she serenades him with his own songs, and she hasn't even complained about cleaning up after him! Now all she has to do is convince her dad to get one of her own. I wish you well, Sweetheart! 
Someone is excited about our houseguest for the next week! #guineapig #9yearoldhappiness @shelvis2

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Danavee said...

Love that Morgan is doing laundry! I'll chip in some coins for ya too!