Sunday, September 18, 2011


So, I've heard about Pinterest for some time now, I knew I'd love, but I've resisted, because I was afraid I'd love it too much and spend waaaay tooo much time on it! Well since it's been raining NON-STOP all weekend (and we desperatly needed rain, so I'm not complaining!) I decided to hop onto Pinterest today and play around! What a really fun website!   
It's basically an online cork board to put all your favorite ideas you find while searching the internet... which meets facebook.  See, not only do I have cork boards, but my friends, and others, can also post ideas they find on the internet on their cork boards, then if I like their ideas, or they like mine, we can just 'repin' the idea onto our cork board. You can add comments too.  I've already found several neat ideas. And I don't have to search through my long list of bookmarks or try to remember where it was I saw it - I simply go to pinterest and click on the picture of it on my cork board...and viola! Organized Ideas!! LOVE IT!! 
Love this!
One Craft I found on Pinterest Today.
Real Leaves Dipped in Wax.
And you can make as many cork boards as you'd like... a few of my cork boards include: Love this idea! Projects to try with my girls (btw - showed them the projects I found...they are excited to try them out!), Camping Sweet Camping, Collecting Quotes, Glimpses of Heaven, and Yummy! 

If you've never heard of Pinterest or tried it out - what are you waiting for?! Can't wait to see what cork boards you make! 

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Dana-v said...

Perfectly described! And addictive!