Friday, September 30, 2011


So, this morning, Sarah brings me this picture from her room. On the back I had simply scribbled "Sisters Forever, March 2006". And I am reminded how fleeting each season of my life truly is.  It seems like yesterday we were at playgroup, at the mall, when a photographer from Sears asked if we'd be willing to get a free picture taken, as part of a new gal's training. Well, sure! This isn't the best picture of the girls during that season of our lives, but for me, it captures the everyday sweetness of my life then.  Oh, this season of my life is quite sweet too...last weekend we collected leaves on our walk, and took the girls to their first high school football game. So here are a few pictures to capture this ever fleeting, amazingly wonderful thing called my life! :)
Sister's Forever, March 2006, ages 3 & 4

Friday Night Lights, Sept 2011, ages 8 & 10

First Signs of Autumn, September 2011

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