Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(in)courage (in)spired deals: Beautiful Journal, Beautiful Truth

(in)courage has these monthly giveaways - they have a monthly theme and will send you a free product, and in return, ask  for an honest and fair review of the product on your blog. (Click here to go to their website to find out more.) So, I thought, why not?  I like this month's theme, based on a book titled, God's Heart for You: Embracing Your True Worth as a Woman by Holley Gerth.

My face broke into a smile when my free gift actually arrived in the mail! I recieved the journal companion to her book, the cover alone speaking truth, "In God's heart you are...delightful, free, loved, valued, strong, wonderfully made, chosen, accepted, blessed, irreplaceable." Oh, sweet truths that I need reminded of every day! The journal itself is beautifully made - sturdy, modern, fun . The pages inside are colorful, with inspiring photos, quotes and encouragement from her book. The journal still leaves lots of room to write your own thoughts on the pages themselves.  Have you ever journaled before? I don't always keep one, but I love looking back on the ones I have and 'remembering when'. They are becoming treasures as the years go by. If you're looking to start journaling or if you'd like to give a gift to a sweet friend, I'd highly recommend purchasing this journal, through Blessings Unlimited.

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Holley Gerth said...

Thank you, Cathy! Appreciate you!