Friday, June 17, 2011

Westward Ho!

So in the middle of the most desolate land...lies an anomaly called cadillac ranch.  These Cadillacs are 'planted' along the side of the road and you are encouraged to stop, bring your own spray paint and have a blast! So, since our good friends The Bennes told us about this fun stop, we couldn't resist a chance to graffiti these old cadillacs. 

"look at all these paint layers!"
And while for most, this is just a way to have a little fun on your journey, Mike described this place as "a trace examiner's dream" and had a huge smile on his face our entire visit.  He collected our first souvenirs and is thrilled that there are 37 years of paint layers that he can 'examine'!
Mike helping Morgan paint "10th Morgan" for her birthday.
Sarah adding her peace sign.
our first souvenirs: paint chips

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