Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summertime at the Baker House

So the last time I was in our basement we had two couches, a floor and a pool table.  Somehow they have all seemed to have vanished beneath this elaborate fort/reading tent/dressing room/maze the girls have created in our basement.  I seriously LOVE lazy summer days at home which inspire creativity like this. AND I'm thankful for a space in our basement where this can happen. HOWEVER, I think for my own sanity, I might need to avoid going down into the basement the rest of the summer, because I think my heart stopped and I actually gasped when I ventured downstairs to find this...(yeah, you don't see couches nor floor either, do you?!) :) 
...and where are the girls at, you may ask? Outside in their swimsuits with a bag of water balloons and a hose, finishing up a lunchtime picnic. Oh summertime, we LOVE you!!